Kernerman Dictionary News

Number 10 • July 2002

Tenth Intermezzo Issue

  • Dictionaries, another Netscape? • Joseph J. Esposito
    supplement: The Processed Book
  • The 21-Language GlobalDix
  • The Benefits of a Product-Independent Lexical Database with Formal Word Features • Janneke Froon and Franciska de Jong
  • Benedict: an EU Project for an Intelligent Dictionary • Mika Herpiö
  • English Japanese Lexicography and the Unabridged Genius • Kosei Minamide
  • Sexy Dictionary • Ilan J. Kernerman
  • A Tale of Two Tongues: Language and Lexicography in Norway
    The Norwegian Language Background • Olaf Almenningen
    The Current Situation and Lexicographical Overview • Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld
  • Developing the Personal Dictionary • Ian Kemble
  • The Corpus Revolution in EFL Dictionaries • Ramesh Krishnamurthy
  • Translation, the Key or the Equivalent? • Seppo Raudaskoski
  • The Kernerman Dictionary Research Grants
  • Recent Titles and News
    SOCRAT Dictionary
    PASSPORT - Second Edition
    OK English Dictionary
    SHARP PW-4100S (Si-sa ELITE English/Korean dictionaries)
    PASSWORD English-Russian Learner's Dictionary
    PASSWORD English-Latvian Learner's Dictionary (2/e)
    PASSPORT English-Latvian Leaner's Dictionary
    PASSPORT English-Chinese Learner's Dictionary
    EELIS English-Estonian Student's Dictionary
    OXFORD Pocket Dictionary English-Hebrew Hebrew-English

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