Kernerman Dictionary News

Number 13 • June 2005

YA'ACOV LEVY · 1952-2004

Menaħem ben Saruq’s Maħberet: The first Hebrew-Hebrew dictionary · Aharon Maman

Review of Wörterbuch Deutsch-Hebräisch Philosophische, wissenschaftliche und technische Termini · Ora R. Schwarzwald

Towards Hebrew FrameNet · Miriam R.L. Petruck

Contemporary English Russian Dictionary: A New Type of Dictionary in Russia · Galina Zakharova

A Large-Scale Lexical Database of Danish for Language Technology Applications and Other Purposes · Anna Braasch

If dictionaries are free, who will buy them? · Adam Kilgarriff

Dictionaries for productive tasks in a foreign language · Paul Bogaards

Longman Słownik wspóczesny angielsko-polski polsko-angielski: The First Active Bilingual Dictionary for Polish Learners of English · Arleta Adamska-Sełaciak

Bilingual Dictionaries for Learners · Martyn Back

Power to the Learner: An Approach towards Pedagogically-Oriented Bilingual Dictionaries · Wolfgang Worsch

Congress Organization: The academic’s buden · Geoffrey Williams

The Fifteenth DSNA Biennial Meeeting, Boston 2005 · David Jost

The Fourth ASIALEX International Congress, Singapore 2005 · Anne Pakir

Les Journées Allemandes des Dictionnaires, Klingenberg 2004, 2006 · Michaela Heinz

The Twelfth EURALEX International Congress, Turin 2006 · Carla Marello

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