Kernerman Dictionary News

Number 16 • July 2008

  Merriam-Webster and the future of dictionary-making • John M. Morse

  Gazophylacium Anglicanum (1689), a turning point in the history of the general English dictionary • Miyoshi Kusujiro

  The feeling of sakura – Are you interested in such a Japan? • Hisamatsu Ken'ichi and Hayakawa Fumitoshi

  Thierry Fontenelle (ed.). Practical Lexicography, A ReaderRik Schutz

  Lexicography in Asia, Vol. 2 • Vincent B.Y. Ooi, Anne Pakir, Ismail S. Talib, Peter Tan (eds.). Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia and Beyond

  Password – a productive dictionary family • Ruth Mägi

  A first look at Merriam-Webster’s Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary • John M. Morse

  A new dictionary with a different viewpoint • Ari (Lionel) Kernerman